Fjellpulken Comfort Pro Expedition Harness

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Fjellpulken Comfort reinforced skier harness is a very solid harness designed for people using the pulk a lot or training with tyres, or longer expeditions. It's based on and developed from the Fjellpulken Xpedition Pro, but more suitable for medium and small sized people.

The harness system is very comfortable, with a padded waist belt, shoulder straps with a relief cushion over the neck and shoulders. The padding has been reduce a little compared to the Xpedition Pro, but it retains the comfort to haul a sled over long distances. A small bag on the rear allows you to store and carry snacks, spare gloves or other small items, so you don't have to stop and access the Pulka.

It is also reinforced on all parts where wearing is especially exposed. As on the Fjellpulken Standard Harness, it is the option to remove the shoulder straps if desired.




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