Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch

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Ledlenser® XEO19R (Adventure Sports Kit) Rechargeable Head Lamp - Green

The  ultimate light,  supplied with all bike and  helmet mounts

Whether it’s a gruelling search and rescue mission, a climb up the highest mountain or an extreme adventure on foot, bike, skis or skateboard the new Ledlenser® XEO 19R is the ultimate light that will extend the day long after the sun has called time. Simply Ledlenser’s brightest ever head lamp, capable of delivering an awe-inspiring 2000 lumens up to 300 meters, this stunning  bit of kit is so much more than a mere head lamp.

By detaching the lamp head and battery pack from the  headband the XEO 19R converts easily from a head lamp into a hand held super torch, one of the brightest bike lights around* or the perfect helmet light*. It also features an Emergency Light setting (10 lumens) in which an incredible 400 hours of light is achievable if not combined with other light options. These five impressive user options are complemented with the kind of state-of-the-art technology and innovation that you would expect from Ledlenser®- the world leading brand of LED torches. The two lenses, each featuring Ledlenser’s® world renowned patented Advanced Focus System™ optics and the very latest CREE® LEDs, are housed in a water resistant (IPX6) protective casing and throw out incredible cannon beams of light which can be easily directed where required. They are able to achieve this brightness of light because of the newly developed thermal Speed Cooling System™ which results in the LEDs being cooled by an inflow of air resulting in a brighter light the faster the user travels making the XEO 19R the ideal light for extreme adventure junkies.

Each lens can be activated independently or, via the incorporated X-Lens Technology™, combine together to form one single unblemished beam of light. Additionally each lens can be focused instantly for spot beam, flood beam or a combination of the two beams thus providing flexibility of light for any use. The Smart Light Technology™, another Ledlenser® technology, combines with a super-efficient purpose designed Dynamic Switch™ to enable various lighting options for further flexibility. These include Boost, Low Power, Power, Opti-Sense™, Strobe and an Emergency  (10 lumen) light. Opti-Sense™ technology cleverly measures real time ambient light around the user and automatically dims or brightens the XEO’s light output as appropriate. This automatic dimming will ensure power is preserved for a longer battery life.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The XEO 19R is a rechargeable light thus making it more energy efficient and better for the environment. The newly developed 5200mAh battery pack also doubles as a handy power pack thus enabling charging of mobile phones, cameras or any item that needs charging via a USB point. For additional convenience charging of these items can take place whilst the light is in use. An activation lock to prevent accidental battery discharge smartly round off this unique light.

XEO19R Boost Power Low power Emergency
Power 2000 lumnes 1000 lumens 200 lumens 10 lumens
Beam Distnace 300 metres 220 metres 100 metres
Run TIme 4 hours 8 hours 20 hours 400 hours
 Weight 472g


  • Dual focus rechargeable hands-free light with 2 x CREE® LEDs
  • 5 in 1 use – Headlamp, Handheld Torch, Bike Light*,  Helmet Light*, Emergency Light
  • X Lens Technology™ - two separate reflector lenses with independent focusing
  • Smart Light Technology™ (SLT) - Boost, Low Power, Power, Opti-Sense™ (automatic dim), Strobe, Emergency
  • Advanced Focus System™ (AFS) - Flood Beam to Sharply Focused Spot Beam
  • Opti-Sense™ Active Light Measurement Technology - automatically adjusts light output to suit surroundings thus  preserving battery life
  • Thermal Speed Cooling System™ - high speed leads to better LED cooling resulting in a brighter light output
  • Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery/Power Pack incorporating handy  USB port for accessory charging
  • Lamp head swivels for directional light
  • Transport Lock – prevents light accidentally switching on
  • Charging status display and low battery warning indicator
  • IPX6 – superior dust and water protection

Includes accessories

  • GoPro® Mount
  • Tripod Mount
  • Helmet Mount Kit
  • Bike Mount Kit
  • Waist-clip for battery/power pack
  • Adaptor short cable

  • Extension cord

  • Neoprene pouch for battery box

Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch
Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch
Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch
Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch
Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch
Ledlenser Xeo 19R Head Torch

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