Bergans Ally Folding Canoe 16' Drk Green

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Ally Folding Canoe 16' Dark Green
This new creation should be the first choice for families who like to paddle on trips in all conditions. It is easily paddled, steady and has surprisingly good directional stability, which in the first instance is due to a long, straight keel line. The stems are drawn a little longer down and are narrower than on the other all round models, which means that the canoe cuts through waves and glides exceptionally well on the water.
Ally 16´ DR has plenty of room for two paddlers with large packs, or a family with one or two children sitting in the middle and baggage distributed between the stems. It is best suited on flat water or on an easy river without high waves or technical challenges. It is first and foremost a steady, incredibly easily paddled and directionally stable canoe, which is something tour and family paddlers will greatly appreciate.
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Delivery 4-6 Days
Length: 490 cm / 16
Width: 98 cm / 40
Width gunwale: 92 cm / 36
Width waterline: 85 cm / 33.5
Depth: 35 cm / 13.8
Height bow: 49 cm / 19
Weight: 21 kg / 46 lbs
Capacity: 330 kg / 728 lbs
The Ally folding canoe is delivered disassembled.
For Ally 16' the following is included:
1 skin
1 mat
2 seats
2 stems (bow & stern)
1 keel rod
2 gunwale rods
3 double chine rods
7 cross ribs
2 straps (short & long)
1 mallet
1 repair kit 
Bergans Ally Folding Canoe 16' Drk Green
Ally Folding Canoe 16' Drk Green
Bergans Ally Folding Canoe 16' Drk Green
Bergans Ally Folding Canoe 16' Drk Green in a backpack