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  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts
  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts
  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts
  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts
  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts
  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts
  • Heat 3 Smart Mitts


Heat 3 Smart Mitts




The Heat 3 Smart Mitt was originally a custom-made mitt, designed specifically for the Special Forces of Germany and Austria. Now in its third generation, HEAT 3 Smart gloves are perfect for daily life in winter, skiing, mountain climbing, photography and film camera work.

The Mitts flip back, revealing a liner glove, giving excellent dexterity when needed for detailed work.

The difference between these and the Special Forces is that the Heat 3 Smart have metallic tips to enable use with touch screen devices, such as Smartphones, Camera Screen etc

Done shooting, filming or rope handling? Close the mitt for warmth when the temperature drops.

Heat packs (included) can be placed in the palm and back of the hand to massively boost operating temperature. Heat packs last for approximately 12 hours. Further Heat Packs can be purchased from us separately.

If you get cold hands, try these Mitts.

(Call or email for alternative colours).

HEAT 3 Smart have been continually developed over their lifetime. High quality materials and workmanship are the prerequisites for these high performance products. We place great emphasis on functional details. The gloves are incredibly versatile as they can be used as mittens providing the ultimate in warmth and also gloves which allow for full freedom of movement.

  • Silver fabric for using all touch screens
  • Palm side full goat leather for more warmth & grip
  • Additional 4 oz Primaloft for even more warmth
  • Total freedom of movement by means of the elastic mitten function
  • Thumb flap also allows for optimal warmth and movement when needed
  • Mitten finger flap allows for maximum warmth
  • Primaloft filling ensures optimal warmth
  • Extra pocket on the back side of the mitten keeps the hand warmer (keys etc.) in place.
  • Safety strap with elastic wrist band prevents the gloves from falling off

Material Heat 3 Smart

  • Elastic Microfibre with water resistant and breathable membrane ensures the highest level of dryness.
  • Glove inner made of goat leather.
  • Primaloft filling ensures optimal warmth



Weight: 290g (pair)


Heat 3 Smart Mitts has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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