Piteraq Kraken 140L Black Ops Waterproof Bag

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The Kraken 140L Black Ops offers the highest levels of waterproof protection for clothing and equipment on expeditions, filming, military and travel. Designed for the toughest environments the Kraken uses 840D double TPU fabric throughout. 

Used by Special Forces the world over for waterborne operations, Piteraq waterproof bags are considered to be the gold standard.

The shape has been chosen for ease of transportation by plane, bus, yak or by foot.  The long waterproof main zipper offers full immersion protection and combined with the unique end wing design, gives easy access to the full compartment.


  • Volume: 140L
  • Dimensions: L 92cm x W 44cm x H 37cm
  • Weight: 2310g


    • TIZIP MasterSeal 10 waterproof zip with 500mbar hydrostatic head
    • Welded waterproof construction
    • Outer zipped pocket with water resistant zip
    • Inner zipped pocket
    • End carry handles
    • Premium shoulder straps and carry handle
    • Side daisy chain webbing
    • Main zip lock option
    • Internal compression straps
    • Air release valve


    • Durable & waterproof 840D double TPU coated Nylon fabric


    For more information visit piteraqhardware.com/techinfo or read the below information

    840D TPU

    Working with one of the leading suppliers of weldable waterproof bag fabrics, we have developed an extremely durable 840 Denier plain Nylon with a TPU coating on both sides. It comes with a 100m hydrostatic head, which ensures full immersion protection to extreme depths. This fabric is great where long term durability and protection are the number one priorities.


    All our waterproof zips come from TIZIP based and manufactured in Germany. Founded in 1998, the TIZIP waterproof zipper is a combination of several unique ideas and new technical approaches for making a waterproof and airtight zipper. This is the first zipper system which can replace the well-known metal tooth dry zippers, which have been in use since the early 1950s on dry bags and diving suits.

    We use the MasterSeal 10, which is made from high-strength fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane. The extra strong plastic teeth are fixed on the top and bottom of the zipper tape. The zipper’s coupling elements keep the sealing edges tightly sealed together when the zipper is closed. It is easy to pull and more flexible than any other waterproof zipper. They are pressure tested to 500mbar with a cross breaking strength minimum of 200 N/cm.

    In the real world this means we are confident you can take one of our waterproof bags underwater to at least 30m, perfect for exiting a submarine torpedo tube.


    The main compartments on the Piteraq Hardware waterproof bags (Immersion) are not sewn or glued, but the parts required for a bag are firmly joined by means of high frequency welding. This creates a waterproof and extremely durable connection as strong as the fabric. Only industrial standard high frequency welds allow for high seam strengths and excellent waterproofing within narrow manufacturing tolerances. This quality standard cannot be attained with other types of weld.

    The 2D welding process is used for flat areas such as the reinforcement patches located under straps and handles. The 3D welding process is used for manufacturing the complex shapes that make up the Piteraq Hardware bags.


    All bags showing this symbol are suitable for full water immersion. We always guarantee our waterproof bags can go down to depths of 30m below the surface and keep the contents completely dry. If you need a bag to go deeper than this, get in touch and we can discuss which one is most suitable