Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Sock

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Wigwam's Trail Trax Pro is our choice for trail running or “fast and light” summer mountain trips. These socks give your feet insulated, moisture-wicking protection when you want to take your runs off-road.

Another winner from Wigwam.


42% Polyester, 37% Stretch Nylon, 12% Merino Wool, 6% Tencel®, 3% Spandex


A little bit of care can keep your Wigwam socks performing well for years. For best results turn socks inside out before washing. Wash in warm water and tumble dry on low heat.

Maximum water temp is 120° F / 50° C

Do not bleach

Use normal cycle setting, set dryer at low heat

Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Sock
Wigwam Trail Trax Pro Sock