Anatomy Of A Sock

I've been asked a lot recently about "how technical really are socks" ....and "All socks are the same, right?".
Of course, socks are becoming, like everything else, more technical, and differ widely in construction and materials.
We work with Wigwam as we really rate their products. They offer a wide range of socks, both technical and more relaxed. We tend to pick a small number of socks that we think will work well for the situations our customers are likely to be facing.

To help a little with understanding, take a look at Wigwam's "Anatomy of a sock"! It may just help you appreciate a little the work that goes into making Wigwam socks our number one choice.
To follow on from that, test your knowledge on "Toe Seam Closure Type"!
And now a lesson in sock terminology.....
Finally, sorting out the length convention once and for all.
Hope this gives  you the same appreciation of Wigwam socks as we have. After all, happy feet happy days!