Brynje Super Thermo Womens Longs With Knee Inlay

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The last of the Brynje product lines to get a female version (long over due!). Featuring a tailored cut and underwear panel of polycolon, this should be a better fit than the standard Super Thermo.
Longs with full length legs, and solid knee inlays.  Lightweight, super efficient, excellent moisture transport capability, insulates and dries better than anything. A good choice for activities that require a lot of kneeling such as Biathlon, hunting or winter camping. To maximise capabilities, use in conjunction with another trousers with a zip to vent. This allows you to “dump” heat when you start to get too warm.
Material: 100% polypropylene
Weight: 170 g
Material Weight: net 140 g / m2
Brynje Super Thermo mesh forms the core of the Brynje philosophy on keeping people “warm, dry, strong and happy”. It has been designed to meet the high performance needs of outdoor enthusiasts and the stringent requirements of some of the world’s top military soldiers, including Norwegian Special forces.
The concept is incredibly simply, and is based on the most efficient material you can use......air! Nothing breathes, insulates or dries like air!
The secret to the high performance of Brynje mesh clothing is that it draws excess moisture away from the skin while maintaining a warm regulated cushion of air next to the body. With conventional solid knit underwear the perspiration cannot escape quickly enough through the fabric so the fabric next to your skin becomes sodden and you quickly become cold. With the Brynje Super Thermo the air pockets in between the mesh allow the body to “breathe” more easily and naturally, while maintaining the trapped air for insulation. This allows for superb body temperature regulation, and is the reason it has become popular with cyclist the world over, from the amateur to elite.
Brynje Super Thermo Womens Longs With Knee Inlay
Brynje Super Thermo Womens Longs With Knee Inlay

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