Dogwood Design Polefish Ski Pogies

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If you're skiing anywhere very cold, and you get cold hands, there's nothing like these Pogies, from Dogwood Design, Alaska.

Protecting you from all the elements, these insulated Ski Pogies will be your friend from back country Norway to the North Pole.

As the air temperature cools, you need more protection for your hands. Usually this means wearing a pair of gloves, then 2 pair of gloves, followed by mittens and still your hands get cold. This happens because with each layer, you are actually impairing blood circulation to your hands. The layers fill up the space between your fingers so they can’t keep each other warm. There is also the added problem of a loss of dexterity with each layer you put on.

Poagies work like a sleeping bag does. They create an envelope of warmer air around your hands without compromising circulation.

They have an elastic strap that runs through the top of the Poagie to the inside and attaches to the strap adjuster for the ski pole. This elastic band has a cord lock which allows for adjustment on the outside top of the Poagie. The adjustable feature allows the pole to stay in the correct position in relation to the wearer’s hand when in use.

This Poagie style also features a nice soft snot wipe fin along the top edge making them look like little fish. These Poagies do not have the adjustable wrist gusset as it is not needed for this design type

All of our Poagies have a flexible, lightweight internal skele- ton that holds its shape. They are made with a durable nylon shell and have a polyester insulation with a nylon taffeta lining

Weight: 257g

Dogwood Design Polefish Ski Pogies
Dogwood Design Polefish Ski Pogies
Dogwood Design Polefish Ski Pogies
Dogwood Design Polefish Ski Pogies

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