Brynje Fleece Jacket With Windstopper

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Brynje Fleece jacket with windstopper.

Brynje “Polar Bug” garments form an excellent mid insulation layer.
Once again, the core philosophy of using the synthetic mesh lining is implemented and stitched in to the garments to give a very high warmth to weight ratio, while keeping you drier through the excellent moisture transportation qualities.
Made in the softest fleece with windcover fabric lining in front, and an inner layer of ventilating Polypropylene mesh at the back. The jacket is an excellent piece of kit to have on days when you want to keep your core warm, but a base layer isn't enough. Excellent for cross country skiing, running or cycling in winter, were the windproof fabric on the front does a great job of shielding you, while leaving the rest of the garment to breathe easily through the mesh and fleece. A really useful piece of kit to have!
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  • 3/4 neck, zipper opening
  • Chest pocket and two hip pockets
  • Windproof front
  • Drawstring at bottom with stoppers at each side.

100% polypropylene mesh lining

Exterior of Brynje microfleece

Weight: 390 g

Material Weight: Fleece 125 g / m2

Material Weight: net 140 g / m2

Material Weight: Wind membrane 95 g / m2

Brynje Fleece Jacket With Windstopper
Brynje Fleece Jacket With Windstopper

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